The Worst Car Accessories Your Can Buy!

Four Car Accessories That Aren’t Worth the Hype

Searching for a new car to purchase can be an exciting, yet daunting task. Whether it’s a new or used car, there is always a certain level of anxiety associated with making a purchase as large as a vehicle. The anxiety involved with making a purchase over a few thousand dollars can be great. The car dealer offers you a full array of items that they can have installed in your vehicle. Not all of the options are worth much.

The following items are considered totally overrated with regards to car purchasing:

Remote start

The remote start option can be quite useful to the ideal user; the person who owns a car and does not own a garage. If you own a garage, the remote start option is quite useless. Since carbon monoxide poison is quite common with regards to leaving a vehicle running in the garage, there is no reason why one would want to start a vehicle while it’s in their garage.

Parallel Parking Assistance

It sounds like a useful tool until you realize that you will rarely have an opportunity to parallel park your Lexus LS400. Most country clubs and restaurants offer valet parking. Splurge on this option and you will find yourself wondering the reason why you purchase it, months down the line.

Built-in Satellite Radio

Unless you plan to continue your satellite radio subscription, having a satellite radio will be pointless after the manufacturer ends their promo deal. Let’s face it, in this economy no one is in a major hurry to pay for a service that is usually free. With satellite radio surcharges averaging more than ten dollars per month, the satellite radio option may not sway you to purchase a particular vehicle, let alone pay a monthly fee to keep the entitlement.

Sunglass Holder

The sunglass holder is a useful feature if only one thing; if the sunglasses actually fit inside the holder. These days with regards to sunglasses, the bigger the better for many users. This makes the sunglass holder quite pointless when the glasses are so large the compartment can’t close. With the larger new sunglass holders on the market, the sunglass holder has a new purpose; it’s now considered the napkin holder in my vehicle.