Car Customization: Accessories Aren’t Just for the Wardrobe


You know all about accessorizing your outfit – buying all the best shoes so that you will be in mix-and-match heaven. Besides, the perfect pair of shoes or the perfect bag is like the Holy Grail. Or maybe you just see them as a necessary evil. Maybe you’re looking at this whole accessory thing all wrong if that’s the case. Or, if you simply love buying shoes, why not purchase some accessories for your car?

Look at it like this – accessories are there to make your life better. They are there to either make something more comfortable or to make it look better. If you are in your car for a couple of hours a day, then you might want to think about what would make your time there more comfortable. You always need more places to put things. If you have often thought that about your car, then you are probably ready to accessorize your vehicle.

A big problem that people who drive continually face is where to put their drinks and where to put their other little things like hair accessories and notes to yourself. Even if you have places to put these things, you may not have the best option out there – a center console with two cup holders plus a box for storing your stuff. These things are great. Even if you have one, you could probably benefit from having a better-looking one, right? Just think of it as a handbag for your car. Believe me, it’s worth it if it makes your driving time more enjoyable.

You could even just do something that makes the inside of your car look better, even if it doesn’t actually perform any other function. If your dashboard is looking a little ragged and depressing then, for a couple hundred dollars, you can install a new dashboard kit with some car spares. Being inside a car that looks better will make you feel a lot better. Who needs therapy? All you need to do is take control of your life, one little piece of your environment at a time. When you can ride around feeling better about the world you live in, you will know it is worth it.

You could even just get something inexpensive and easy like new floor mats. Maybe something that pays homage to your personality, like Tweety head mats or mats with little paw prints on them. That can really make a lot of difference to you and your passengers. What about decals or seatbelt covers? It’s all about fun.

So next time you feel the urge to accessorise, think about your car and let your shoe closet breathe easy for a little while.